Educational Specifications

Educational Specifications

As part of the master planning process, DLR Group assisted with updating the Educational Specifications developed in conjunction with Eric Hall and Associates dated January 2015. The intent of these specifications is to illustrate how spaces will be used, what adjacencies and support spaces are desired, and what types of finishes and equipment should be considered when developing a campus specific design.  

Special consideration is given to the fact that most of these Educational Specifications will need to be implemented in existing facilities. Existing buildings can be reinvented and rejuvenated to accommodate today’s and tomorrow’s instructional methods.  Many of the educational spaces are highly flexible and able to accommodate a range of uses and programs.  

The District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan for 2019-2020 states:

“The District vision is that the Escondido Union School District will actualize the unlimited potential of every learner. Each and every human being is empowered, encouraged, engaged, and committed.  This vision is being implemented through five key priorities:

  1. Rigorous and engaging instruction for all students
  2. Equal support for intervention and enrichment
  3. Continued support for family engagement
  4. Addressing declining enrollment
  5. Social emotional supports

Escondido Union School District offers a wide range of programs to address these priorities, including a well-rounded curriculum that extends beyond traditional academic subject areas to include PE for all grade levels, visual and performing arts at both the elementary and middle school level, and a wide range of middle school electives.  The District offers a robust menu of teacher professional learning, including customized support for each school as well as choice-based offerings after school.  Technology is integrated throughout all instruction in innovative and engaging ways. All schools offer both intervention and enrichment opportunities for all students.  Every one of EUSD schools offers a robust family engagement program designed to help families support their students.  Student social and emotional needs are addressed through social workers, middle school counselors, behavior specialists and behavior technicians as well as through the implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.”

These Educational Specifications are a guide to developing a campus specific project.  As each project is programmed and designed, the educational specifications will need to be customized to suit the needs and conditions of each campus.

Space Types

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