Juniper Elementary

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Juniper Elementary, home of the Jaguars!

Juniper Elementary’s mission is to create a positive and active campus culture where students are learning to think and thinking to learn. Juniper Elementary is a place where everyone is valued and respected. We have built a school culture where individual thoughts are cultivated and treasured. Juniper is a school where all students will have a positive and rigorous learning experience, and where they will acquire the skills necessary to be successful. We believe that students should learn strategies that allow them to “learn to think” and “think to learn.”


  • Grades: K-5
  • 2018-2019 Enrollment: 625
  • Original Construction: 1959
  • Last Modernization: 2005
  • Campus Area: 10 acres
  • Total Building Area: 55,066 sf
  • Classrooms: 20
  • Portable Classrooms: 23
  • Average Classroom size: 960 SF
  • Parking Spaces: 82

DSA Non-Certified Projects

  • 04-52475              Rooms 31-34
  • 04-103054            1 parking space
Juniper Elementary

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